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(Source: whispermewonders)

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(Source: whispermewonders)

Anonymous: hi I'm around your age too. (16 to be exact) I think I developed feelings for this guy because of the way he treats me. what can I do to make him like me too/?

Hello! Okay, before you start doing anything, first thing’s first. You’ve got to understand that when people say “be yourself”, they are not lying and they mean what they say. Please do be yourself.  There’s nothing more unattractive to a guy other than learning that they’re interested in this girl when it turns out that the next day, they girl has become somebody completely different. I’m going to say it again. BE YOURSELF. LOL. If you’re aiming to catch this boy’s attention, you’ve also got to step it out of the old-school mentality and make some first moves too. True, chivalry has always been the best to find in men; however, there isn’t anything wrong with starting conversations off first, or simply greeting them whenever you see them. Once they catch the hint, it’ll be easier from there. Just keep in mind that when I say “make some first moves”, I DON’T mean “start making out with him the moment he walks into the room”. That’s kinda awkward and disgusting LOL. According to a book I’ve read before, another thing that guys find attractive (apparently) is to show them that you’re independent and that you’ve got your own plans too. Always being around them and following them around like a fly isn’t always the best way to catch they’re attention, because think about it: how is he going to miss you when he gets to see you all the time anyway? Right? Make him want and yearn to be with you! Because you’ve said that you’ve developed feelings for this boy because of how he treats you, then it sounds like you’ve got it easy in first place. Every relationship MUST always have friendship at its base. That’s when you’ll know that, in the future, the relationship will be steady, since you two won’t be strangers in any way. Because it seems as if you two are already friends (or at least acquaintances) it’ll be easier for you to get his attention, if you don’t already have it. It’s good that you were attracted to the way he treated you, because that’s a sure sign that he’s a good guy and he will treat you well. Always make sure that that is the basis of what you like to see in the other person. He’s got to treat you right. GOOD LUCK, DEAR! I really hope I’ve helped! Have a great day <3 

sexi-lesbi-anita: I could use some advice or an outside opinion on the situation I am in. I saw your post so I sucked it up and gathered some courage to ask. I have really good friends but more opinions would be helpful.

I’m glad that you took that courage and voiced out! Go right ahead, I’m all ears! 


I’ve been looking through some blogs today and I’ve found some people who I feel like just need someone to talk to or someone to listen to them. I may be wrong in my assumptions, and I know that some people would rather be left alone or think that it’s none of my business, but…

If you wonderful people, my followers, have any questions, complaints, achievement that may be regarding your day, how things have been recently, or just want to have a conversation with me, feel free to message me in my ask box!

If it makes you feel more secure about telling a complete stranger about your struggles and achievements, just know that I’ve given advice many times to not only my friends (who are my age, 16-17), but I’ve also been able to help out those younger and older than me. I belong to a youth group outside of school where I’ve been able to do this a lot, and when I graduate, I do also plan on studying psychology. I am truly interested in understanding others and giving aid to them. I WILL try my best to help you out! I really want to have the opportunity make anyone’s day better, if I just could.

Boyfriends, relationships, break-ups, friendships, family, achievements, personal struggles, OR WHATEVER IT MAY BE that you’re concerned about, please don’t be afraid to voice out what you think. Blow off some steam by talking to a friend or anyone who will listen to you. It’s good for you.

So what are you waiting for? I WILL be wearing my heart out on my sleeve for you. I WILL listen to you. I promise. (:


I am officially opening my advice section on my blog!

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